Your Best Customer
is Your Returning

Achieve high customer stickiness with data driven contextual engagement

With NHANCENOW you can engage contextually with your customer at
every stage of the customer journey. It helps you shape your digital
vision and increase customer retention rates.

Use cases

Lifecycle Messaging
(Re-Engagement / Winback)

Contextual messaging at key moments of the customer
journey is essential to building lifelong associations.
Engaging with customer throughout the lifetime enables
you to positively influence their choices. It sets the base for
elevating the customers to the path of brand advocators.

Customer Happiness

The key to generating customer insights is in listening to the words and “thoughts” of a customer. Get to hear the real time voice of the customer so that businesses can gain in-depth customer intelligence. Capture feedback, run surveys, so that you can get a thorough insight of the customer experience roadmap, enabling you to cater to customized customer preferences.

Personalize Interactions
for a Better Experience

Technology has made it easier than ever to track customer preferences and history. Data gives us trends and insights with uncanny accuracy. There is no reason to not create a more personalized experience that caters to a customer’s individual needs. Use NHANCENOW powerful “user intelligence” gathering tools to gain deep insights, anticipate needs and offer solutions even before customers realize they need it!

Key features of retention



Messaging service for all kinds of communication

Smart Triggers

Data driven, actionable notifications for better engagement

Feedback Management

Capture voice of consumer and measure their happiness index

User Intelligence

Understand your customers better with actionable data analytics

Siddana Gouda / CEO

NHANCENOW with its unique blend of sophistication and affordability presented us with a truly differentiated solution which redefines the way customer experience is delivered.With their help we want to enhance the way our customers experience our product and interact with our brand.”


Hiren Modi / Owner and Managing Director

With limited resources we were short of options. We are an aspirational brand and we wanted our customers to avail the kind of premium experience which they are accustomed to from larger brands. NHANCENOW with its mix of premium offering and affordable pricing has made our desire come true.

Start transforming your customers
into life time promoters