Introducing NHANCENOW

NHANCENOW is a first of a kind recommendation driven Post Purchase Experience Management platform. It helps you build lifelong relationships with your customers through a seamless digital ecosystem




Experience Cloud

Gives you access to a set of tools which help you unify and manage the entire post purchase customer experience through a single platform. You can centralize post purchase experience touch points, generate rich customer intelligence to deliver highly personalized experiences, design elegant customer journeys and optimize the value of all services that you are offering to your customers.





Is an aggregation mobile interface where customers can engage, interact, transact with you through a single touch point. Through this powerful, differentiated interface you can simplify your customer connect & offer highly convenient post purchase journeys.

NHANCENOW Experience Cloud and NHANCENOW Mobile offer a
collaborative platform for businesses to choreograph an unparalleled
customer experience. It will help you win, serve and retain customers
to earn a higher life time value.


Easy Setup

Simple integration with
your CRM and APPs.
Start using in minutes.

SaaS Model

Curated Cloud infrastructure.
Pay per use. Zero capital investment.

Highly Secure

Industry standard security
protocols to protect your
customer data.

Help & Support

Always a call, message
or mail away. Everyone is a
premium customer!



Proactive Customer

Post purchase customer experience continues to remain largely reactive. Brands and customers disconnect after the point of sale. And brands hear back from customers when they have an issue with the product or service.

With NHANCENOW you can now proactively build lifelong relationship with your customers.

Build powerful digitally connected customer community which ensures an always-on relationship between you and your customers. It helps you understand customer behavioural patterns, pre-empt their needs, deliver value before they need it

Digital Experience

A revolutionary concept which is at the heart of the disruption that NHANCENOW is ushering in. A typical post purchase customer journey consists of interaction with 9-14 different channels, each having its own unique way of operating.

We help you merge all the interaction channels and offer an elegant and immersive “Digital Experience Kit” to your customers. Its personalized, curated and available to your customers through our unique NHANCENOW mobile interface.

“Digital Experience Kits” make it highly convenient for your customers to access all your services and offerings over a single touch point. And it helps you optimize the outcome of all your post purchase interaction channels.

Discovery to

The way most customer experience models are designed today, the onus is on the customer to navigate their way and find solutions along the post purchase journey.

NHANCENOW lets you change this fundamentally. With NHANCENOW’s recommendation engine you can now handhold and guide your customers throughout the post purchase journey. You can help them discover much more about the product and service than they would normally do.

Drive marketing automation, promote cross selling/upselling, anticipate and negate drop outs, educate optimal use of product, recommend actions, help them discover new features.

By automating contextual engagement at key points of the customer journey you can build a deep emotional connect and positively influence the entire post purchase customer journey. It helps you increase sales, amplify engagement and increase satisfaction. And it saves your customers tons of time!

Integrate seamlessly
with your existing IT

NHANCENOW has been designed to work seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. And if you would like to use it as a standalone platform, it’s a powerful tool in itself!

Our focus has been on making NHANCENOW extremely simple to connect to your sales, commerce, marketing, CRM, messaging/communications, data intelligence, customer support, reporting, analytics, knowledgebase and ticketing management systems.

It works in tandem with these IT systems (or as a standalone application) to centralize data flow, present a single view of customer behaviour and optimize your customer experience management.

Start transforming your customers
into life time promoters