Everything you need to achieve thrilling consumer journeys and outcomes!

Super Platform

All the tools in one place, engage anyone in the world easily

Mobile Experience

Deliver exceptional post sales
engagement experiences in mobile optimized framework

Multilingual, Localised

Serve consumers in the language of their choice

Experiment New Business Models

Unlock new revenue channels. Leverage existing ones. Build equity bridges with your consumers

Know Your Consumers Identify experience expectations & targets

To deliver great service, a deep knowledge of user preferences and personalized interaction is the key. Understanding critical expectations is a complex process and requires regular interaction with consumers throughout the lifetime journey. We enable you to build intimate, non-intrusive relationships, which help you to understand experience, expectations and define goals to meet them.

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Do It Yourself Self service is the new trend!

The modern day digital age consumer is Restless! A large number of consumers are self-reliant and prefer to do things on their own. They demand easy access, quick assistance and feel deprived with the lack of it. With NHANCENOW you can feed this desire with delightful solutions that help consumers Learn, Explore, Discover, Experiment and Fix. Provide these solutions Anytime, Anywhere and on their fingertips.

Educate and Advise Show consumers the real value

Your competitors are targeting your consumer's lack of knowledge of your products and services. Without proper knowledge the real value of the product is not transferred. With NHANCENOW you can easily deliver complete knowledge of product and brand services to give consumers an enriched journey. Let them discover full value of products and services. Improve Loyalty and Inspire Positive Recommendations.

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Voice of Consumer Seamlessly captured to improve business processes

Brands look for super efficient ways of using the Voice of Consumer to understand the drivers for satisfaction, drive far-reaching change and maximise the impact on business. NHANCENOW gives you a real-time Listening & Monitoring channel to quickly understand issues, which are impacting consumers. Do root-cause analysis, initiate effectiveness surveys and build agile systems to quickly address problem areas.

Build a Viral Community Your new sales force!

NHANCENOW makes it easy for brands to use a single channel to house a large group of pro-active consumers. Equipped with the power of a closed community, you can design workflows that lead to easy sharing of experiences. Easily incentivise and compound viral flows.

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Endless Possibilities

We have worked out exciting use cases in which brands can innovate and deliver engagement solutions and take their consumers completely by surprise!
Our business team can't wait to show you mint fresh ways of consumer engagement.

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