Sell, Up Sell,
Cross Sell

Increase revenue from existing customer base by 2X with smart re-marketing techniques.

A business that has reached the Expansion stage is considered highly successful and can boast of high customer satisfaction and retention rates. NHANCENOW makes it easy for you to leverage this position and increase revenue generation from customer through up-selling or cross selling. With NHANCENOW it super easy to sell add on features, products, services etc.

Use cases

Revenue Generation –
Up Sell / Cross Sell

A seamless on-boarding process with intelligent self service leads the road to a long-term customer relationship. Even a slight hitch in meeting user expectations, could cause customers to abandon the adoption process. With NHANCENOW guide your customers through their initial journey to complete their first milestone, of adopting the product.

Key features of expansion


Sell Care Plans

Simple 1-touch process of selling
warranties, insurance, protection

Buy back / Exchange

Boost up sell with intelligently managed automated campaigns

Marketing Automation

Automate sale of add-on
services and complimentary

Siddana Gouda / CEO

NHANCENOW with its unique blend of sophistication and affordability presented us with a truly differentiated solution which redefines the way customer experience is delivered.With their help we want to enhance the way our customers experience our product and interact with our brand.”


Hiren Modi / Owner and Managing Director

With limited resources we were short of options. We are an aspirational brand and we wanted our customers to avail the kind of premium experience which they are accustomed to from larger brands. NHANCENOW with its mix of premium offering and affordable pricing has made our desire come true.

Start transforming your customers
into life time promoters