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Navigate the Covid-19 Shockwave with Humanized Automation

Shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, facing an unpredictable spike in demand for service and the need to cut operating costs? You are not alone.

Try Conversational Bots. The technology stimulus that is keeping businesses, like yours, operating smoothly while minimizing the economic damage.

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Businesses worldwide are retooling to survive.

Here’s how Automation with Bot Technology can help you overcome the crisis.

ReducingCosts, Significantly.

With economic uncertainty, every businesses needs to cut costs for extending runways. Bot can take a significant chunk of human load to help you save in key operational areas.

Maintain and Uplift Customer Experience.

Quality customer care is the first casualty of reduced operating costs. Bots help you reverse this trend with their smarter-than-human technology.

Rapid Adaption to a Remote Working Culture

Remote working is here to stay. This shift is resulting in a surge of inbound interactions and communication broadcasts. Bots will help you cope up.

Scale with Ease

With less cash in hand it will be challenge to scale as things get back to normal. Bots provide you the flexibility to scale seamlessly with automation.

Meet Your Ready-to-Use Bots

Choose. Customise. Deploy.

Information Bot

Help people and communities stay safe, communicate reliably and efficiently tackle the ongoing crisis and beyond.

Outreach Bot

Connect, engage and network with contacts over WhatsApp and Messenger with Humanized Automation.

Hospital Bot

First line of defence and service for your selfless healthcare workers in the frontline against Covid-19.

Hiring Bot

Qualify more candidates, reduce time-to-hire and improve candidate experience in remote hiring era.

Employee Engagement Bot

Empowerment for hassled & understaffed HR teams struggling to engage and communicate effectively with remote teams.

Customer Service Bot

Corporate Bots for Leaders, HR & Sales team to network, engage, hire and follow up better and faster.

Business Card Bot

For executives, consultants, employees and other professionals to share digital business cards in the new touchless world.

Sales Bot

Automate porspect engagement and routine communications in a world where travel and meetings are off the table.

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Let’s beat gloom and come out stronger! Together.

We are geared with our CARE NOW initiative to help all of you win the battle against Coronavirus today - and tomorrow.

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