Build Advocates
Amplify Brand Value

10% increase in advocacy can give you 200% increase in revenue growth

Customer advocacy is directly proportional to profitability. 10% increase in advocacy can give you 200% increase in revenue growth. A brand ambassador is your most potent sales force. With NHANCENOW leverage happy customers and use tools to run advocacy programs.

Use cases

Promotion / Referrals

Work towards transforming customers into long time promoters. Recommendation from a brand ambassador is more liable to influence purchase decisions of other customers. With NHANCENOW you can provide tools for your customers to promote and refer brand value.

Advocate Identification and Nurturing

Identify customers who engage regularly and leverage them to build your brand. Engage and incentivize with exclusive offers, discounts on future purchases and other attractions. Generate “Advocate score” by analyzing engagements and interactions.

Gamification & Rewards

Develop brand stickiness with creative gamification programmes. Incentives or rewards helps to increase customer retention and also to acquire and engage customers. You can incorporate incentive based gamification for the customers who will promote the brand.

Key features of advocacy



Increase user engagement
with your brand with simple

Community Building

Create and manage
digital customer

Advocate Nurturing

Identify & manage advocates
who can ignite brand
passion and recommendations

Loyalty Programs

Reward consumer loyalty, help consumers manage and redeem rewards

Siddana Gouda / CEO

NHANCENOW with its unique blend of sophistication and affordability presented us with a truly differentiated solution which redefines the way customer experience is delivered.With their help we want to enhance the way our customers experience our product and interact with our brand.”


Hiren Modi / Owner and Managing Director

With limited resources we were short of options. We are an aspirational brand and we wanted our customers to avail the kind of premium experience which they are accustomed to from larger brands. NHANCENOW with its mix of premium offering and affordable pricing has made our desire come true.

Start transforming your customers
into life time promoters