Smooth & Quick

A smoother on-boarding process with intuitive self service builds a road to a long-term customer relationship

A quick and easy start is the best way to welcome a customer and give them the sense of comfort. It sets the tone for all future interactions and is the single biggest factor in reducing products returns and acceptance of services. With NHANCENOW you can unify the core solutions such as on-boarding, activation & registration, self service, making the adoption process extremely smooth for your customers. It is everything you need to create an ideal customer experience.

Use cases

Smooth On-Boarding

A seamless on-boarding process with intelligent self service leads the road to a long-term customer relationship. Even a slight hitch in meeting user expectations, could cause customers to abandon the adoption process. With NHANCENOW guide your customers through their initial journey to complete their first milestone; adopting the product.

1 - Touch Activation and Registration

Product activations and registrations are a tricky phase. Providing a quick and convenient experience helps customers to engage with the product instantly and discover complimentary benefits. It helps you to gather critical customer information to start personalized interactions early.

Slick and Powerful Self Service (DIY)

With NHANCENOW empower customers with quick and easy self service features. Help them with instant answers to their queries, discover product features on their own and give them a feeling of control. It is also the best way to reduce support tickets and bring down load on back office support teams.

Reduce and Prevent Product Returns

Save money by reducing product returns. An inadequate onboarding process is the key reason for product returns. Handhold customers from their first encounter with the product and guide them through the complete adoption process to build love and trust.

Key features of adoption


Product Registration

Capture customer data
with a simple 3-step

Product Activation

Activate product & services
with a single input from

Self Service (DIY)

Instant results, rich
knowledgebase & increased
efficiency to delight users

Ticketing Management

End-to-end service ticket
management with rules

Siddana Gouda / CEO

NHANCENOW with its unique blend of sophistication and affordability presented us with a truly differentiated solution which redefines the way customer experience is delivered.With their help we want to enhance the way our customers experience our product and interact with our brand.”


Hiren Modi / Owner and Managing Director

With limited resources we were short of options. We are an aspirational brand and we wanted our customers to avail the kind of premium experience which they are accustomed to from larger brands. NHANCENOW with its mix of premium offering and affordable pricing has made our desire come true.

Start transforming your customers
into life time promoters