Frequently Asked Questions.

The consumers can avail the product related services such as accessing digital documents, raising and tracking service requests, accessing self-service and trouble-shooting videos, purchasing extended warranty, accessories etc on a single platform through the single-touch functionality.
Brands can ensure that the NHANCE application is downloaded and used by their consumers for the products purchased. Additionally, consumers can themselves download the application and register their existing assets. Brands, in this way can build a closed community of all their consumers.
Yes, NHANCE provides a data import facility, which will enable brands to pull their existing consumer data on to NHANCE. The consumers in turn would be intimated to download the application and avail the services within.
NHANCE dashboard provides a consolidated view of all the integrated systems e.g.: Social media engagements, helpdesk tools, service management tools etc. Additionally, brands would also get consumer and product specific analytics on the dashboard.
All kind of product-specific and consumer specific reports are available in NHANCE. Brands could get insights on consumer purchase behaviour, historical interaction & other insights.
NHANCE is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services platform), hence the consumer data would be completely secure.
No, there will not be any additional cost for the product purchased
There are two kinds of pricing models currently operational
1. Asset Based
2. Interaction Based
NHANCE is a platform which connects consumers to service providers. Although, it is not responsible for providing the services, NHANCE ensures a hassle-free experience for the consumers through the engagement-based-rating system.
Brands can ensure that a personal relationship is developed with consumers, thus increasing consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.